Redesigning forms for speed

Another project I recently tackled was improving the Quick Quote on the Seven Corners product pages. The Quick Quote’s goal is to provide a quick and accurate quote in as few questions as possible. User experience with the Quick Quote showed us that we had a few problems to solve. Some product and software quirks had led to minor, but frustrating design features when the original Quick Quotes were designed. It will be easiest to illustrate with a few mobile screenshots, though the problems manifested themselves in both desktop and mobile modes:

Look at those date inputs! EEEEk!

The scrolling date inputs were atrocious for customers deal with on a mobile device, where native calendars were readily available. We also had some yes/no questions hidden inside drop downs, rather than making the Yes/No choices plainly visible. Lastly, adding a traveler was not necessarily intuitive and elegant in its design. A user would hover over the page wondering if they were ready or not to move on without having the obvious feedback or assurance that what they were doing was right.

The wireframe addresses a new way to add and remove travelers. We removed the drop down, but we couldn’t get away from the drop down for a list of states – sometimes they are a necessary evil.
In the latest version, we weren’t quite happy with the remove button so now we went with an in-line red circle to indicate a method for removing an insured/traveler. The Get Quote button was also made full width for easier use on mobile.


Result: In the end, what we created was a fast, at-your-fingertips system for consumers to get accurate and reliable information without dropping out of the process due to frustration or error. The product delivered on its promise.